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The 6th Floor

Meeting professionals in the field of psychotherapy and medicine 

Studying together for personal and professional growth

Connecting art and culture to the therapy-room and building a

resourceful community

The 6th floor is an exquisite and innovative place for professionals in the field of psychotherapy and medicine. Its concept is creating a spacious place for therapists to meet up, study together and integrate science with art and culture. The 6th floor values and encourages original, unrestrictive and creative discourse and is designed to be a nourishing ground for therapists so they can continue their personal and professional development by learning new skills, making new links between their experience and ideas from different disciplines and cultivate their therapeutic presence.


The 6th floor activities include fascinating lectures, unique and integrative courses, profound workshops and supervision for therapists.In addition, art exhibitions and cultural events followed by professional and artistic discourse will be organized occasionally. The 6th floor is located in a business building in the urban south of Tel-Aviv, created by two Israeli psychologists, whose passion to combine psychotherapy, art and culture is leading their path.

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